Design – 1.The fact of designing, also in an extended sense: p. of new works, of big enterprises. 2. In the strict and more technical sense, the preparation, and also the phase of elaboration and realization, of a project: p. of the new type of car has already begun

Idea, project, construction: we take charge of the entire creative process, from the customer’s need to the operating machine. In this process the design, mechanical as well as electronic, is the fulcrum and the characterizing element of our Company and has always been developed internally.

Thanks to the use of the most modern design software, we carry out FEM analysis and physical and dynamic simulations, feasibility studies and design of industrial plants.
From the collaboration with important research and development centers – public and private bodies – we draw new stimuli and opportunities for comparison and constant growth.

Also industrial design has an important part in our proposal, which are modern and aesthetically characterized.


Since the beginning the design has been carried out entirely in-house, in order to better meet the different needs of costumers :
this versatility and the ability to identify rational and economically sustainable solutions have allowed us to gain experience in all areas of applied mechanics.

The mechanical design is still the core and the characterizing element of our Company and is often developed in collaboration with the most important national research and innovation centers.


The Finite Element Method is a technique for the approximate numerical resolution of differential equations, reducing them to a system of algebraic equations.

We perform FEM and multibody analysis using the latest design assistance software, such as Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works, MSC Nastran Desktop – (MSC Nastran + MSC Adams), Servo Soft, EdgeCAM.


Multi-body dynamic analysis (multi-body) allows to simulate the kinematic, dynamic and structural behavior of mechanical assemblies, composed of multiple parts in relative reciprocal motion (kinematics).

Thanks to the most modern instrumentation and know-how gained over the years, we are able to perform multi-body analysis on complete machines or on the single units that compose them.