Device for the preparation
of personalized pharmacological

At the beginning of 2018 we had the opportunity to enter a hitherto unknown market sector, that of packaging and distribution of medicines in hospitals.
The company has set itself the goal of creating a singularizing machine for the pharmaceutical sector, able to handle a wide range of products (vials, ampoules, syringes, blisters, etc..). The heart of the system consists of an anthropomorphic robot, equipped with a vision system, which is able, with an end effector at 6 degrees of freedom, to recognize and take the single dose of drug coming from a vibrating hopper. Once taken, the drug is bagged and conveyed to the patient.

The experimentation conducted on the prototype required the development of innovative solutions:

  • development of specific analysis algorithms to verify the reliability of the vision system
  • extremely specialized end effector due to the number and variability of the size of the drug units
  • study and development of specific protection screens to limit the effects of reflected light and transparency in blister packs.
  • vision system that recognizes the configuration of each blister and, based on requirements, cuts and picks up the required number of units.
  • innovative gluing system, which allows the bag with vial and syringe to adhere to the box containing the drug.