Coloring of
aluminum caps

It is a machine for the decoration, by printing, of screw caps, capsules and cylindrical objects in general.
The printing can be done on different materials: from aluminum to tin, to plastic materials, even complex ones.
Extremely versatile, it can realize screen printing, lacquering, embossing, hot-foil and pad printing. It is completely controlled by integrated servo systems, which allow a precise verification of results even in unpredictable conditions.

Servo driven
printing units

The hot-foil printing units SCP – SCR – SHF are designed to decorate capsules, caps and seals for bottling beverages.
They print flat (SCP), embossed (SCR), or both flat and embossed (SHF). They process different materials (aluminum, PVC and polylaminate), with highly competitive results in terms of aesthetics and quality.

They can be configured in stand alone mode, for simple ribbon printing, or as interfaceable and can be inserted in existing production plants. All of them are equipped with integrated motion control systems, which allows the punctual verification and maintenance of specifications even in highly variable conditions.