The impact of the project on sectoral areas and target markets for TODEMA and its clients:
By converting the production process in the future or even just reducing the use of PVC and PET in favor of compostable polymers derived from compostable materials, the project would significantly reduce the CO2 emissions associated with production.
This would provide an ecological advantage to Todeschini Mario’s client companies. In fact, thanks to their large production volumes, the main client has the potential to become one of the largest producers of PLLA capsules, occupying this market niche.
Additionally, this company would serve as a model and recipient of national and European incentives and funding, contributing to increased competitiveness, including the supply chain.
Similarly, the project would lay the foundation for improving the health conditions of production facilities for workers by reducing the emission of harmful substances throughout the entire cycle, from the production of raw materials to the manufacturing of the finished product. This improvement would encompass both the adhesives used and the production of plastic materials.
The implementation of this conversion in material production would also encourage other companies to invest in this innovative field, driving the development and discovery of increasingly advanced zero-impact methodologies with reduced costs.
Furthermore, both in terms of production and the end consumer, waste management costs would also decrease. The waste would be subject to less stringent and expensive control, reclamation, and recycling procedures.