Robotics + simulators test



From automation to robotics: thanks to the collaboration with major specialists, we have developed projects for material handling or assembly, using anthropomorphic robots to perform specific operations.

Applications in:

  • Pick & Place
  • Process Control
  • Robot Control
  • Unmanned Ground drone.


  • Dynamic servo platforms for VI-grade simulators, with nine redundant degrees of freedom, consisting of two parallel kinematic manipulators with three (cable driven) and six degrees of freedom respectively, placed in series with each other.
  • Hexaslide Development of a HIL (Hardware In the Loop) system through a model of control created in a Digital Twin environment. The application is developed for simulations in the field of renewable wind energy production.
  • Hellowind Project The experimental test rig consists of two synchronized actuating systems placed at the two sides of a bridge deck model. This machine has used to project and verify structure us bridges under wind or heart quake stress. It is installed at Politecnico di Milano.

Rebel Dynamics + Pavia University

  • customised solutions for parallel (PKM – Parallel Kinematic Machines) and serial (anthropomorphic, Cartesian and similar) robotic systems;
  • real-time control architectures for robotics and industrial automation;
  • Hardware in the loop systems and solutions;
  • devices for dynamic simulation in the automotive and aerospace fields;
  • dynamic and structural calculation systems and advanced simulation for digital twins;